Divorce is a painful and stressful time even under the best of circumstances. The legal and financial issues divorcing people face are usually brand-new and can feel overwhelming. You can represent yourself, but unless you have a simple divorce with no children — and a good grasp of the law — it’s not recommended. Even innocent mistakes could delay your divorce, cost you more money and property, and, if children are involved, hurt you in custody or visitation decisions. To protect your rights and get a fair settlement, you need a committed advocate who understands how divorce works in Colorado.

Colorado Springs divorce attorney Jennifer B. James can help. I represent men and women in El Paso County and throughout the state who need legal advice on a divorce and related matters like child custody, child support or spousal maintenance (alimony). I can help you understand your legal options and your situation in order to negotiate a fair settlement with your spouse and represent your interests vigorously and thoroughly. My goal is always to get my clients the best possible settlement with the minimum possible emotional and financial stress.

Whether you’re planning on filing for divorce legal separation yourself, or responding to your spouse’s actions, you’re probably wondering what comes next. Divorce and separation are nearly identical in process, but a separation leaves you legally married, with all the same property-division and child-custody orders you might have if you had divorced.

As a professional divorce attorney, I believe that the strongest and longest-lasting divorce agreements are the ones clients agree to themselves. I encourage mediation and arbitration for all clients for whom it’s appropriate. I’m available to represent clients throughout the mediation or arbitration process, or to review a completed settlement agreement. I also represent clients in conventional contested divorces.

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

If you’re considering divorcing or separating in Colorado, contact Jennifer B. James, P.C.. In addition to being a practicing divorce lawyer, I am a former Head Start teacher with substantial experience helping families maintain strong relationships — even under less-than-ideal circumstances. For help understanding your options and your rights under the law, call today at 719-473-1813 or drop by my downtown Colorado Springs offices.

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