Traffic Violations

Traffic tickets might not seem like any big deal at first. But even one can add significant points to your driver’s license, increasing your auto insurance rates and putting you at risk for a license revocation. And if you get several tickets in a row, the points and penalties can add up and quickly become overwhelming. If you let a ticket go too long without acting, you could even be arrested and sent to jail — often without warning.

Colorado Springs defense attorney Jennifer B. James can help. I serve clients with traffic matters in courts throughout the Colorado Springs area, including out-of-state clients with matters before a Colorado court as well as local drivers. I dispute all types of traffic tickets, help clients negotiate for charges that better fit their crimes and work to clear bench warrants before they result in embarrassing, expensive and unpleasant arrests. I can also represent you at the administrative hearing if you’ve received notice that your license will be revoked for too many points or violations.

Colorado Traffic Violation Penalties

With the exception of drunk-driving offenses like DUIs and DWAIs, most traffic violations in Colorado aren’t crimes. However, that doesn’t mean they’re free of consequences. Under Colorado’s point system, there are several non-alcohol-related traffic violations that can lead to the immediate revocation of your license for at least a year: leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run), racing, evading a law enforcement officer and driving 40 mph or more above the speed limit. It takes fewer points to trigger a suspension for drivers under 21, so even failing to stop for a school bus can result in a license suspension for a teenaged driver.

Even if you don’t lose your license right away, any traffic infraction that carries points puts you at risk for losing it in the future, if you accumulate a few more within a year or two. And of course, a speeding ticket or other violation can still drive up your auto insurance rates substantially and immediately, costing you thousands of dollars over the next few years.

Many people believe fighting traffic violations isn’t worth the time and expense, because the system is designed to part drivers from their money. Luckily for Colorado drivers, that’s not true — many have successfully disputed expensive tickets. With an attorney by your side, you can fight your ticket more effectively, and your attorney can frequently negotiate a better deal for you than you might be able to get on your own. Between the fines and the insurance increases, hiring a lawyer to fight your ticket may actually save you money in the long run.

Traffic Violations Attorney in Colorado Springs

Dealing with a speeding ticket or other traffic violation might seem unpleasant now, but your stress will only go up if you’re facing penalties at work, a driver’s license suspension or time in jail. If you need to fight a traffic offense in El Paso County, contact the law office of Jennifer B. James, P.C., for a consultation. You can reach me at 719-473-1813 or drop by my downtown Colorado Springs offices.

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